Water Conservation and Water Demand Management

Water Conservation/Water Demand Management (WC/WDM) is a key strategy for municipalities to effectively manage limited water resources both during times of drought and years with average rainfall. Read more about how to reduce water losses in South African Municipalities in this practical guide: View WRC guidelines

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Leak location and repair

“Repairing visible and reported leaks is without doubt one of the most obvious and basic interventions that should be implemented as a top priority...”

Pressure management

“If the water pressure in a system can be reduced, even, for a short period during times of low demand, the water leakage from the system will be reduced.”

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Bulk management meters

“The old saying that ‘...to measure is to know’ cannot be over emphasised and it is the bulk meters throughout the water-supply system which are used to measure and quantify both water supplied to an area as well as the level of leakage in a specific area.”

Bulk consumer meters

“Consumers who use a significant volume of water each month and are metered through a bulk meter are very important customers to the water supplier.”

Domestic metering and billing

Metering and billing domestic users can help to ensure efficient use of water as well as funding for further WC/WDM activities.


Non-Revenue Water

The map on the left shows the status of non-revenue water in South Africa. Non-revenue water is water that is lost before reaching consumers, through leaks, theft, or other routes. Click here to view data from the Department of Water and Sanitation on the status of non-revenue water in South africa. 
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Providing detailed water bills to consumers

The water bill to the left was issued in Cape Town, and provides a nice example of a level of detail that can help consumers to take their own actions to conserve water. The bill breaks down water usage and prices at different tariff blocks and then provides an entire page with water saving tips.